Monday, November 3, 2008

coconut for sale


AD Curato

Coconuts for sale

Shooting from the hip


turtle said...

after rush ID, can buy coco.
very good daily life photo.

Tash said...

great hip shot!
What's the sign all about?

the donG said...

is it sold with a juice that's fresh? or just its white content?

Eki Akhwan said...

I like the story and the photos you posted yesterday very much. I especially like the black and white photos.

Thanks for sharing this unique cultural tradition from the Philippines. I wouldn't have known that if it was not for this post.

Kayni said...

coconuts are surely in-demand at this time of year to make 'kakanin.' i miss those so much.

i like the black n white photos too.

mirage2g said...

Is this the coconut we use for cooking? Not buko? I miss buko, I love the seed inside, that which we call tumbong! hahaha. 7pesos is not much, hope he gets a living with it.

Ken said...

I bet they're a lot fresher than the coconuts we get here.

Layrayski said...

turtle-- thank you very much for your rhyming comment. I love it! Haha

tash-- the business is originally for photo photo studio with a side business for selling coconuts. 7 pesos each.=)

the dong-- it could be either of the two, the dong. I didn't really ask because I was in a hurry. oops.

eki-- you're welcome!

kayni-- always happy to provide nostalgic moments and food cravings, kayni =)

mirage2g-- I think its mainly for cooking. My nanay calls that "buwa" nice to learn a new word. hehehe tumbong sounds like a musical instrument to me.

ken-- you get yours in a pack?

Kris said...

Did you buy a couple for the trip home?

Layrayski said...

kris-- no I didn't, I just passed by. I was in a hurry.

grooVemonzter said...

7 pesos! OMG we're cooking with coconut tonight!!

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