Saturday, August 11, 2018

Masao Beach: A Potential for More (Or the Beach Clean Up Story)

This photo was taken with Samsung Note 4

Early this morning, three intrepid souls dared to do what is probably peculiar in Masao. These three people decided to do a beach clean up in Masao, Butuan at 5.30 am.  There were different motivations for this unusual action. Number one is of course, for the ultimate good of the environment, for exercise, for general cleanliness, for people to not take Masao beach for granted and probably other less lofty reasons. Whatever the motivation was, these three people picked up the non-biodegradable items that they could. There were plastic caps, soft drink bottles, medicine bottles, broken styrofoam pieces, syringe, used diapers (6 pieces) and a sanitary pad.  

When Pres. Duterte declared that Boracay should rest for a couple of months, I thought, that's good. It's great that politicians- the people in power are giving importance to the environment even at the expense of angering business owners, potential voters etc. Boracay is admittedly a beautiful place. Even with all the toxic waste being dumped in the waters, it still looked pretty. So it is very understandable that they are taking good care of something we consider precious. A Philippine tourism gem.

On the other hand, ever since I remember, "Beautiful" and "Masao beach" hasn't been exactly been linked together. Black sand beaches aren't given the proper regard that they deserve compared with white beaches.  For me, as long as the beach is free from strewn garbage it looks great. 

Imagine promoting Masao beach as a beach rich in history. The shores are dark and rich in minerals. It's clean. Safe for children and adults to swim in. Imagine Masao as something Butuanons can be proud of. Not just a place where it's convenient to go to with easy access to vendors that sell good barbecue or grilled seafood. 

That's what I imagine. That's what I envision when I picked up pieces of wastes that could be best described as pretty...disgusting things. It gave me the strength not to puke all over the place and soldier on.

Will this picture of Masao ever come true? Maybe. But it will surely need more than one morning of "beach clean up." 

It is a constant refrain- but: every one of us needs to do our part. Let's keep our beaches clean! 

(And for heaven sakes throw your child's diapers in the proper receptacle! Or better yet use a non- disposable kind!)

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tabo-an Photo #1

There's so many things I want to articulate when I see this photo I took at Tabo-an last Sunday. But I think I'll just let this photo do the talking. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Hakab Na!

Last Saturday at Robinson's mall there was an event called Hakab Na. This gathering was in celebration of Breastfeeding Month. As a former post-natal nurse, it was very interesting for me to see. There were contests and prizes and gift- giveaways as well as sharing of experiences and information regarding breastfeeding.

This was the first time I've encountered this word "hakab" it probably means to latch on as their facebook page says. Hakab na!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Preserving Hinatuan's Enchanted River

There are many superlatives lavished upon this little nook in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur like "enchanting," Magical,"stunning,""beautiful." And people who flock in would agree. However, there was a point in time where Hinatuan's gem was nearly overwhelmed by the demand from tourists. A lot of people came in droves. They came in big buses, cars and it even felt like trains and ships too because of the number of people coming. It was nearly unbearable. The positive adjectives were slowly being replaced by complaints of "too many people, it's chaotic!"

One day, the local government of Hinatuan decided enough is enough and implemented a three-month rest for this tourist spot in 2017. When they opened they instituted stricter measures in order to preserve the natural beauty of this remarkable natural site.

I'm so happy when I learned lately, that Hinatuan's Enchanted river is again once being praised for its beauty and refreshing water when it opened after the three-month-long rehabilitation.

I applaud the measures instituted by the LGU, it might not be popular but I think it was a prudent thing to do. I hope other LGUs would do what Hinatuan and Boracay did.

Let us all do our part in preserving our natural resources. 
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