Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday at Sprinkles

It's Sunday, also known as Sabbath day, also known as Family day. Expect to have most families going to restaurants,  beaches or to a new hang out place called Sparkles Waterpark after hearing mass on this day.

It's my first time to visit this place and so far, even though it's only a soft opening (beta phase), it has been great. The layout and design of the whole place spell comfort and style. Friendly and efficient service were experienced by my family, which is very important. I am so glad that there's another venue for relaxation in Butuan called Sprinkles.

Tip: If you are planning on going on a weekend, be sure and get a reservation first. It's located at Brgy. Kinamlutan, contact numbers are 09165468375 and 09468902566. Entrance fee is 100 pesos (less than 2 USD) per person that includes the ameneties: pool and cottage as their promo rate.

 P.s. Ivan I expect discount next time. JK :D

Photos taken with Nokia N8, infos taken at

Monday, October 1, 2012

Silhouette of a Hero

Today is the first day of the month of October. This means that City daily photos around the world follows a given theme of the month. This month is "Silhouette" (Which I proposed btw, yay!) I already had a photo in mind for today but just like what happened last time I chose another photo. I thought of a distinctive shape that would be easily recognizable even if its only a silhouette. My first thought was St. Joseph Cathedral. The sky wasn't particularly dramatic that day so I changed my mind. After thinking about it some more and asking for someone else's opinion I decided to go with Jose Rizal's monument at the newly named Guingona Park here in Butuan.

Jose Rizal's monument is one of the most common monument in the Philippines. The reason is Jose Rizal is the Philippines national hero. If you're not familiar with the history of the Philippines and your only encounter with Filipinos are the nurses or friends that you have then this is the guy you should study first (that is if you're interested).

He was a multilinguist, poet, writer, medical doctor (opthalmologist), land surveyor, martial artist, among others. My friend said that there was a show on tv alleging that he was a spy too. I like him so much that in one of the virtual games I play called Smallworlds I made a mission about him entitled Jose Rizal as a Poet (shameless plug). So if you play that game be sure to come and play my mission :)

If you've heard of the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword, Jose Rizal's first book Noli Me Tangere (Touch me not) is the trigger that started the Philippine revolution against Spain. It was first published in 1887.

Check out the other interpretations of Silhouette from around the world at facebook and blogspot.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Casino Controversy

I first saw the signs when I went to church last Sunday. No to Casino. Butuan is mostly Catholic (and other christian denominations). Butuan, as the local historians are emphatically saying, is the first location of the first catholic mass in the Philippines.

With the threat of having a casino in Butuan looming in the horizon, the diocesan church in Butuan is holding a signature campaign near the entrance area of the St. Joseph Cathedral.

Pro- casinos, I bet, are pushing for it for economic reasons, and on the opposing sides have their morality to fight for.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Drainage Project Underway

                                                                                                                                                                                                         At Montilla boulevard corner Durano Street

Floods has always been a problem as long as I can remember. People from other places when mentioning Butuan they always say "Baha-on" or the place thats prone to floods? In our part of the city the floods has been mere annoyance but in other places it meant destruction of homes and loss of lives. I hope that this new drainage project will be finally effective against the problem.

DILG XIII supports Butuan City’s Drainage Project through LGSF

Friday, September 28, 2012

Shellfish Ceviche

Chopped shellfish that Hinatuanon's call Lima-lima, spices, herbs, lemon juice and vinegar. This is Pangasinan Pacific Shore's popular dish.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hinatuan Pagasa Doppler Radar Station

A photo of Hinatuan Pagasa Doppler Radar Station. It is said to be the only doppler radar station in Mindanao. Since the Philippines is beset with 20 more or less typhoons a year this station will hopefully be able to predict bad weather more accurately.

Side note: Before the doppler station was built it was the location of Hinatuan's postal office.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

At Pag Asa (Hope) Dock

I took this photo at Hinatuan del Sur's Pag asa port. Pump boats, small fishing boats and speed boats dock in this area.
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