Tuesday, November 4, 2008



This was taken a week ago when my grandma asked me to print the photos we had at Carmen, Agusan del Norte. I passed by this man as he was busy repairing a shoe. I thought he wouldn't agree to have his photo taken, but I asked him anyway. He looked too serious, and a bit aloof to me. To my surprise he agreed. He really was a sweet guy. After saying yes to my request he pulled a cap from under a bag and put it on his head before continuing his work. I got my pseudo candid shot!

After taking this shot, I ran back to the photo printing shop to this photo printed and gave him a copy. Thanks Manong! =)


Hilda said...

My heart's bleeding. Don't ask me why, but your photo got me teary-eyed. I'm glad you gave him a copy of this.

Lay, I'm Happy in Multiply, okay? I can't use my real name there because of its social networking aspect. I have to protect my girls — the news stories about known sex-offenders in SN sites are just too scary.

Layrayski said...

Hi Hilda, sorry about the teary-eyed reaction you got from my pic. and pls can you delete my comment to your page? I didn't realize.

hadv said...

One of your best. That guy has beautiful hands and a beautiful face.

the donG said...

"After saying yes to my request he pulled a cap from under a bag and put it on his head before continuing his work">>> hahaha... that's cute.

this is a really good thing! i also did this once and it was really good. they were surprised.

i think we need to make it more often as this people are less likely to have photos.

turtle said...

i like this photo. very true daily life photo. thanks also for being good to him by giving a copy.

Kayni said...

i 'really' like this photo. i'm glad to hear people still have their shoes repaired instead of buying new ones.

Layrayski said...

hadv-- thank you! his hands attracted me that's why I had to ask him for a photo.

the dong-- I also gave a photo to the mango seller (a photo I'm going to post soon) and yeah they were surprised, and happy which gave me a happy feeling too! This daily photo is rewarding in so much ways.

turtle-- thank you very much. =)

kayni-- I really like that you really like my photo. yes, it's good they still have a place in this world, isn't it?

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