Sunday, October 12, 2008


Capitol- Bonbon Road corner Montalban St.

I wonder how they define first class. Should I feel excited about this? Mmm...

When we arrived from Cebu last Wednesday we were surprised to see a booth of the Regional tourism office inside the Airport. They gave us maps of the Butuan for free. This is what I'm using to check the names of the street of my city. Very useful.

I'm not a detailed orientated person most of the time. Details like street names are not important to me. Not until I'm writing a blog that is.


kayni said...

It really depends on what "they" define as first class. I would be interested to see what they mean.

mirage2g said...

Yes, the perks of having a daily learn lots of things at the same time share it through your blog...its the same with learn how to cook so to share your recipes! =D Enjoy!

Layrayski said...

kayni-- we think alike. hehehe

mirage2g-- you're right. I have a greater awareness of my surroundings now than before. Do you do food blogs?

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