Monday, October 13, 2008


Gray series # 1

Pizarro Street

One of the busier streets---going to Guingona Subdivision and Capitol Drive.


Joerine said...

Ly!Joerine ni,have you tried the website STUMBLE UPON?? anyway, i added your photo blog page to my favorites so more and more people can see your beautiful pictures ( it makes me miss home sooooooooooooo much though), I hope you don't mind. if you can, pls text me ur YM add para maka chika2x ta, kay i deleted my friendtser accnt roaming is +639195570748.keep taking those pics!

babooshka said...

I love the angle you ahve on this, really emphasises the cracked design of the road.

mirage2g said...

Really shows how busy this street is!

Layrayski said...

Joerine-- I sent you a text already, did you get it?

babooshka-- Thanks! I was hoping someone in the higher power sees this. Although it makes for an interesting photo, it's ugly (extremely so.) Ugh.

mirage2g-- yeah... hehe I just wish they do something about this.

the donG said...

this is something that i really hate in the philippines. kakainis kasi walang maintenance.

Layrayski said...

the dong-- this is the reason when I see a place here in the phil where there're no cracks in the road and the streets are clean, i get so amazed. haha. its so sad. makakatawa na lang ka.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys i see roads like this all over the USA too. It is very hard to maintain all roads whether in the Philippines or USA.

Layrayski said...

That's a relief to know. It seems like this road has been in this condition since I was a kid. I remember some patch jobs here and there but the cracks are still deep and cracked like this used to be.

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