Saturday, October 11, 2008

Carry Me...

Photo by Bongshiyaw

San Vicente/ Lower Taga- baca

Thanks for letting me post your pics here, Shiyaw!

I haven't been here to this place yet. So it's a treat to be able to post a photo that I haven't been to but some people might be interested in knowing about.


Joy said...

Such a refreshing Pinoy scene. Love the green.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Have a great weekend!

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hadv said...

Love this scene. Although I'd prefer to be walking than be watching that carabao's butt.

Hilda said...

Natawa naman ako sa comment ni Agnes!

I was too timid to try carabao rides when I was a kid when we spent every summer in Quezon. Kasi naman, uupuan mo talaga yung kalabaw! Eek.

Layrayski said...

Joy-- the greens is refreshing!

hadv-- That's one disadvantage of carabao riding that I didn't once think! (Bwahahaha)

hilda-- Carabao riding is really something that I wanted to do because I haven't done it yet. =)

It could get a little icky, but then it could be fun =)

Kris said...

That is so cool. Do they ever get angry? Those horns look scary.

Layrayski said...

Most of the carabaos that I've seen are quite gentle creatures. I haven't heard of any stories that they attacked anyone except in history--during the japanese invasion. =)

the donG said...

i really miss scenes like this.

Layrayski said...

you're not in the philippines right now?

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