Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This was taken at Ochoa Avenue. I have been pretty brave lately with my camera. I used to be pretty shy but not anymore. Not in this case, anyway. =)

That guy in the trisikad is an ice cream man. It's a rare sight because the usual ice cream vehicle has at least a shade over the head of the driver. The two motorcycle riders at the back adds to this photo, I believe. Maybe they're racing together? And with a kid as one of the passengers in the red motorcycle (scooter?) to boot? Crazy. Tsk. Tsk.

I'm a fan of lomography. This one and the following daily photos will show influences of the type of photography. Casual and stress-free.


Kayni said...

it really looks like they're racing. my money is one the ice cream man. he's leading.

Layrayski said...

Hahhaha he's winning yet he's still looking annoyed.

hadv said...

Butuan seems like a nice place.. and here I thought it was a dangerous place to visit.

Eki Akhwan said...

Interesting day to day scene, Layrayski. Being bold is certainly the way to go for a photographer ... And lomography is certainly the beauty of the "imperfection" - my term.

mirage2g said...

I miss our dirty ice cream!

It seems they're taking both sides of the road on a run! lol. Really nice to see our local scenes! Enjoy your week!

Hilda said...

Natawa na naman ako sa commentary mo! ;D

Hindi ako sanay na makakita nung lalagyan ng dirty ice cream na wala doon sa makulay na kariton!

Layrayski said...

hadv-- where did you anything like that? Ah yeah, Butuan being in Mindanao and all. Actually that's not something I can fault anyone who hasn't visited here yet. Most area are not war torn and chaotic. Its only limited to some areas. Mindanao is a big island. Most of the areas like here, Cagayan de Oro Davao City, Bukidnon, I can personally say aren't dangerous. Other than the usual crime and other dangers of living in this world, of course. I'd love to visit Leyte in the future. My grandmother came from Southern Leyte and I haven't been there yet.

Eki-- Yeah, shyness is really a deterrent in getting the good photographs. I've missed a lot because of that. Anyway, I noticed that the more I do this the more I've been becoming more uninhibited. But I'd love to practise my shooting from the hip. I'm sure its a handy skill to master in the streets.

Mirage2g--- Now that you said it, I miss it too! hahaha Thank you. =)

Layrayski said...

hilda-- Hi hilda, I didn't see you there. yeah, it looks bare doesn't it? hehehehe

babooshka said...

I'm still wary of shooting street scenes, and I'm a photographer. Bicely done and his lokk is priceless.

Layrayski said...

hehehe thanks babooshka. I used to be very uncomfortable toting my camera on the streets but the urge to take photos overcome my fears most of the time. =)

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