Monday, October 27, 2008



While driving around Montilla boulevard with my friend I took the opportunity to try to capture photo street scenes along the way. If I'm lucky I could get an interesting photo through this exercise. Btw, this is my attempt at shooting the barbecue stands that sprouts every night in the streets. This is what I call Suez canal barbecue-- They're near a huge 'canal', and they sell barbecue.


the donG said...

funny why you named it suez canal. LOL.

Hilda said...

Sounds like Philcoa here! It's actually a creek pero ginawang basurahan nagmistulang malaking canal. As long as you don't go too near the creek, the smells of street food cooking is sooo tempting! In my case, it's the peanuts frying that make my mouth water!

Got a little break tonight — my sister's out with college friends and the girls are asleep already. ;)

hadv said...

And I thought I drank too much wine tonight..

Layrayski said...

the dong-- hehe I don't know if this name is known to public but that's what I call this place.

hilda-- Why do they sprout near creeks and canals. I wonder? Convenient dumping site for trash?

hadv-- nope, you didn't. I just like the fire-like effects of this photo. Hihihihi

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