Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Gray series # 2


Pizarro Street.


Kris said...

What sort of foods...?

Hilda said...

Is this anywhere near that hotel complex going up? He might be forced to spend for a little face lift. Hey, if they're really after tourists, Butuan might be forced to pave its roads regularly too! That's good, right? :)

kayni said...

i was just thinking what kind of stuff they put in there.

Layrayski said...

Hi guys, I didn't see any people around this area so I wasn't able to ask.

Hilda-- Nope this isn't near the soon-to-be-put-up-luxury-hotel. Butuan terribly needs a facelift! You're so right Hilda.

kayni-- hehehe me too.

the donG said...

i didnt saw this when i was in butuan for a week.

Layrayski said...

This a kind of place that blends with the background. =) Thanks for visiting. I saw your site. Its very colorful and beautiful.

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