Friday, October 24, 2008

Child Entrepreneur

Langihan Series # 3


I love this photo. I was amazed that this kid was already helping out with, I assume, a family business of selling used clothes (Or the more popularly known as 'ukay.') It might not be too long before this kid becomes rich. =) This is my "the glass is half full" take on this. What's yours?

For my trip around Langihan Market I used my Kodak DC 290 2 megapixel camera. It may be very slow but I felt it helps me in choosing when to shoot my photo. You know, think first before pressing the shutter...


Hilda said...

Most of the time, the kids have to go with the parent/s because there's nobody else to help in the market or to be with the kid at home.

I love how you graduated this from monochrome to color — very poignant effect!

mirage2g said...

very strong emotions conveyed least she gets to know the value of having a business.

Great pov too, not the usual facial approach! Happy weekend!

hadv said...

Hmm.. dunno where to start.. but the photo makes you think..

Tammie said...

i love this photo, but there is so much about it that makes me sad.

Kris said...

I'll go glass half full, raising money for school fees!

Vlado&Toni said...

oh so sad, instead of playing and having fun with kids her own age?? but then again, who says she is not/will not have fun???

Layrayski said...

hilda-- so you think this wasn't voluntary? Poor kid. Thank you! I worry about it, actually. If you hadn't commented on it I would probably changed it to pure black and white. =)

mirage2g-- Thank you for your lovely comment. It makes me think I'm doing something right.

hadv-- Thank you. Its another response that makes me happy. =)

tammie-- sorry to make you sad. I guess I've taken it to heart about what you said about one of my post. Remember my vow of not taking sad or other similarly themed photos when I can't do something about it?

kris-- So glad we share the same view =)

vlado&toni-- your comment really adds another dimension to the subject. Thank you.

the donG said...

this might represent child labor but looking at their situations, sometimes they grow up more responsible than those coming from well off families.

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