Saturday, October 25, 2008


Langihan Series # 4

Langhihan Market, Butuan City

Langihan Market really offers a lot to the street photographer wanting candid day-to-day photos of people doing their business. In today's post I remembered glimpsing of something green in my periphery while shooting the child entrepreneur photo. I saw her, the girl selling kangkong. I smiled and made a quick gesture asking for a photo and she replied with a shy smile of her own. It was as if life froze for a moment while I took her picture and chaos immediately began soon after.

The funny thing about street photography is that sometimes there are things you don't expect to be in the picture that were apparently there. Or maybe I'm just too mesmerized by her eyes and smile that I didn't see the the tricycle driver in the background. It took me a long time to decide if I wanted the driver cropped or not. I hope I made the right decision.

I had my first digital camera last October 2007. I bought it off ebay for 2,000 pesos-- My Kodak DC 290. It feels like I've come full circle. It's been one year this month since I started photography.

I've used my Kodak to shoot street scenes and I've come back to this place with the same camera. I felt the old me and the present me photographing Langihan that day.


Anonymous said...

The daily life of a child on the streets I guess. Nice photography.

I am 74 years old -- today is my birthday.

Vlado&Toni said...

i think it was good that you left the tricyle driver :) it made the picture more alive and vibrant. love the face on the girl too:)

Tammie said...

what a lovely girl.

lyra, i love this blog and your photography. i really knew nothing about your country before this and i feel like you give me a bit of insight. :)

hadv said...

Nice photo.. I'd have cropped the motorcycle to put focus on the child. But nice just the same.. important thing is.. people photography :)

Kayni said...

i miss kangkong. she's very pretty, and i hope she sold a lot that day.

Layrayski said...

Abraham--- Thanks for dropping by!!! happy birthday!!!

vlado&toni--- I was outvoted when I asked my cousins about it. hehehe So glad you liked it =)

tammie-- Thank you. I believe you're the first who said something about my photography in black and white print. =)There are a lot of misconception about my place even here in the Philippines. I'm glad to share to all that not all places in Mindanao are warstruck. Or worse.

hadv--- I have almost a dozen cropped photo of this. But I decided not to crop it at the last minute. But yeah, people photography rocks!

kayni-- now that you said it. yeah. kangkong salad would be nice today. I hope so too.

the donG said...

i like this shot! the girl is beautiful in and out. i see her curiosity and beauty through her eyes and her smile.

Layrayski said...

the dong-- thank you. =)

turtle said...

i like the face of the child.

the kangkong too, random but looks like a crown.

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