Saturday, August 30, 2008

After a long tiring day...

Old photo file series #4

This picture makes me ask a lot of questions. About safety-- Is it really safe in Butuan that a person can sleep in a public place without losing anything valuable? Life, limb or wheels of the trisikad, perhaps?

What has the man been doing that he has surrendered to the call of REM without any regard to his physical safety and the public aesthetics? Is he sleeping because of exhaustion or because he's just plain lazy?

What kind of culture allows for this? Is it indicative of a laid-back, happy go lucky people or just a group of people full of riffraff?

I know I'm over-thinking this. I'm just making this post last longer so I can procrastinate more before writing the essays that I have to finish today. ;) Happy weekend everybody!

Photo taken within St. Joseph Cathedral compound (?) Late afternoon. Kodak DC290.


Virginia said...

You have to be mighty tired to nap in that position! Your commentary was great. Something to ponder for sure.

Tonymak....Australia... said...

I agree with Virginia as I have been to Butuan and used these pedicabs. The drivers are always active and must be very fit in my opinion to do this for a job everyday. When I tip them, I give generously as they deserve it.

Back to the pic. he would be very tired and taking a 30 wink nap between jobs would be deserving..

Tonymak. Australia...

Hilda said...

Overthinking talaga! Hehehe. Pagod, antok, walang paki sa ibang tao at mga bagay sa kapaligiran. That last part if just too Pinoy. =(

Good luck with your essays, whatever they're for!

babooshka said...

I thought your procrasinating narrative was terrific. I do this a lot myself. ou wouldn't fall asleep in the UK in the street. That would be a risk.

kayni said...

Hmm...that photo made me really sleepy. He must be really tired. Once, I stayed up the whole night to finish a paper, and after submitting it, I took a nap at one of the benches at the I think I scared a lot of people there, thinking I was homeless or something.

Eki Akhwan said...

good questions to ask, Layrayski. I'd ask the same questions if I were you. said...

Tired maybe, it could be he's homeless, or his family don't care for him anymore, that's why he's making a living, by that pedicab...or who knows, just ask him. lol

Vlado&Toni said...

Goodluck with your essays.. yup when will learning ever end? Now this reminded me of my own task to call someone for my upcoming schooling too.. yikes! have to do it on monday then..

Vlado&Toni said...

oh and i love the picture nevertheless. this guy doesn't have a care in the world if he makes money or not :) he is just savoring the moment.. time for a siesta ;)

Layrayski said...

virginia- thank you! And thanks for dropping by my side of the planet =)

tonymak-- that's one of the theories! hehe thanks for the comment tonymak, (I love to hear from my regular lurkers hehe )

hilda-- thanks! I lost my enthusiasm for it lately. But I did finish it and was moderately ok with it.

babooshka-- wow thanks! I've never been told that I was terrific in something haha my procrastination has a purpose after all =)

kayni-- haha your story had me in stitches! you must've been very tired!

eki-- thanks! those are the questions that I had percolating in my brain while I thought of ways to procrastinate some more =)

mike! you're the best! you read my blog and commented too! how are you?

vlado&toni-- learning is never ending (if you're lucky)and thanks toni! =)

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