Friday, August 29, 2008

From my Window

Old Photo File Series #3

A look from inside one of Butuan's old houses.

Photo taken at late afternoon. Kodak DC 290.


Tammie said...

What a relaxing picture.

It looks like something that should be made into a painting.


Layrayski said...

Thanks Tammie! i'm quite proud of this photo. This is one of my favorite.

Hilda said...

Your living areas are on the second floor? I looove old houses like this! I miss the ones in Lucban, Quezon — haven't visited in years. Beautiful photo, Lyra!

kayni said...

Old houses has a different feel to them. I remember my grandparents' house somewhere in Luzon. It brings back really fun memories.

Layrayski said...

Hi Hilda, this isn't where I live. But yes the living room is on the second floor. And thanks Hilda =)

kayni- Yes, that's true. I love old houses. They have character and history. (Although some would suggest horror stories too!) =)

Dina said...

hi, i just found your blog. As a matter of fact i love old houses too and here in malta the old houses are being restored and become a lovely home. As you said old houses have character and also ghost stories too!!
You mentioned you had to write an essay..... are you a student or attending a course......what are you studying??

Layrayski said...

HI Dina! I'm happy you chance upon my blog. :) Yes, isn't it fantastic how old houses stirs the old imagination in many ways? :)

Nope I'm not a student but I'm hoping to be one again. There's this masteral course that I want to apply in *cross fingers* :)

Anonymous said...

A great view and a lovely capture. What a coincidence, I will be attending grad school starting next week. Good luck.

enoi afuang said...

Hello... i'm Enoi Afuang.... I am so thrilled to see photos of Butuan.... it took me a while to finally have a glimpse of my birthplace...(updated pa ha?) thank God for someone like u.... I was born in Butuan and spent 15 years of my life... we migrated to tarlac and now i'm working here in manila.... the photos really amazed me to see the new butuan... with the establishments.. though i know butuan as a progressive city even before we left... i am coming back after 25 years and will be spending my 40th( yikes!) birthday there para daw memorable per my cousin who gave me the plane tickets as apresent... i am as excited as ever... kasi sa tuesday na yun eh... i also need to fix my birth certificate with wrong entries, as in wrong gender(@#%&*!).... if it's not much to ask from you my dear can u recommend to me a lodging that is affordable and comfortable, becoz honestly i only have a limited budget.... thanks a lot... by the way, we used to live in nangka road guingona subd.... wala lang i felt like telling you lang hehehehe.... god bless u dear... ur pics are wonderful and nice angles.... i hope to hear from u soon... just in case, my email's

Thanks again and more photos to come!!!

Ate Lis said...

I dont remember the curtains on the window or that potted plant either:) Good times! I still remember playing the stairs/slides like it was yesterday. Sigh!

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