Saturday, August 18, 2012


It is hard getting good photos of a hot, sizzling plate of sisig-most of my previous photos of this subject turned out blurry- because you can't stop yourself from mixing it up in the hot plate before it gets burned, and  you just can't help but forget about taking a photo as the urge to partake of this delectable and tasty dish overcomes you. (Excuses).

Anyway, sisig is one of my favorite foods. One of the places that makes a good sisig for me is at Razon's at Jose Rosales Avenue across DBP. If you haven't tasted this dish yet I am hesitant to say what it is made of because I might put you off. Needless to say it is quite tasty. Sort of crunchy, with a hint of grilled flavor. And it is deliciously sour.

It looks like that its easy to make but apparently according to some recipe variations of this food undergoes a lot of process like boiling, broiling, grilling, and frying. The same with most of Filipino dishes sisig has a lot of styles in preparing it with different ingredient add-ons.

If you haven't had one yet I suggest you order some, taste it, and if you want to know what's it made of go and visit this wikipedia entry of sisig.


supergirlhero said...

Mao ba, Ly, lami diay ilang sisig diha? Di man gud mangaon sila Mama ug Papa diha kay murag wa ganahi adtong nanganha sila for halo-halo :)

Anonymous said...

lami pod baya may, pero mas lami kana gulay tapad sa sisig. hehe unsa gani na? kalimut ko hehehe

Anonymous said...

Oo ka try ko sa ila halo halo before, i wasnt impressed too. pero karon bag-o lang katilaw ko ok ra baya pod hehe lami sad.

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