Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Night at the Park


This photo was taken right after the mass ended at around 7pm. There are people everywhere. Most of the people who heard mass hanged out at the park to enjoy the well-lit, newly-decorated-with christmas-lights plaza.

I didn't catch it in this photo but there were a bunch of those new glimmering toys that one throws a hundred feet up in the air (not sure about the distance) jumping up and down as we pass through the park.

My friend commented at facebook (I link this blog to fb) that I should ask some funding from the local government (tourism) because of my endorsement of Butuan. My reply is the "liking," repeat visits, your valuable comments, occasional click on my ads, not plagiarizing my stuff, acknowledging and return linking to this page, and maybe (cross fingers) future donation on my site are enough for me. :D

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!

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