Saturday, November 28, 2009

Reconnecting the Past with the Present- Balanghai Voyage


Earlier this year a crew of daring men and women composed of the Mt. Everest team and Kaya ng Pinoy Inc. set sail around the seas of the Philippine archipelago using the replica of the ancient Butuan boat known as balanghai.

Late this morning the balanghai boat, Diwata the lahi (muse of the race), finally arrived in Butuan after sailing from its starting point in Manila. Butuan is the place where this ancient boats where excavated in the seventies, carbon dated 1630.

For more thorough reading you can follow these links:

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Leif Hagen said...

That's a specatcular boat! They were lucky to have such nice weather!

Jacob said...

A very colorful photograph and an exciting adventure story! Kudos to the sailors!

Hilda said...

Oh how fantastic that you got to see it, Ly! Inggit ako!

Layrayski said...

Leif-- Thank you. They, we, were lucky the day was sunny. It was raining heavily a day prior to their arrival.

jacob- thank you jacob! the sailors have a lot of stories to tell i'm sure. they had a lot of harrowing im sure.

hilda--i also had my picture taken on the boat and with the crew hilda he he he

Vogon Poet said...

Spectacular and colorful image of a great boat.

Vlado&Toni said...

wow, i didn't know butuan has such beautiful boats too, i know only on the vintas..

Nishant said...

A very colorful photograph
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