Thursday, May 7, 2009

Philippine Ports Authority


This is the warehouse of the PPA.

The Philippine Ports Authority is basically the government body in charge of public ports in the Philippines. But when you ask the youngsters in Butuan, they know PPA as the place you can play badminton. In fact this is the building where one plays the indoor sport.

I took this photo today. Late afternoon. I saw the weird cloud formation and the general lighting condition and thought it could be a cool photo. Hopefully you'll like it as well.


It didn't rain.


Vogon Poet said...

The light and the clouds are weird and the effect on the image is a bit frightening, like a sign of some kind of disaster coming...
But it didn't even rain!

Kayni said...

i love this one. the clouds look like they're bringing heavy rain. i wonder where the rain went =).

Ate Lis said...

Brought back memories. I actually played there a long time ago when only a few players knew that place existed and we kept it that way:) good times:)

Mo said...

Beautiful light with amazing clouds. Makes a stunning picture

laagan said...

i must say that the cloud formation was really cool hehehe

Hilda said...

Well, you have to admit that it's perfect for badminton — large and enclosed! :)

Galing nung sky!

the donG said...

when the sky is like that, things get really better in photos.

nice shot!

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