Saturday, May 9, 2009


On May 19th Butuan city will celebrate its fiesta (St. Joseph). Just like the cities and municipalities that I know of preparation for the said celebration is already underway a couple of weeks before the date. I was walking in the streets full of colorful decorations and I saw this.


Vogon Poet said...
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Vogon Poet said...

Lovely explosion of colours.

Vic said...

kaya pala may ganito fiesta! hehe.. malamang sa malapit to sa simbahan. :)

Vlado&Toni said...

beautiful :D can i have the hello kitty and pooh bear :) my goodness, they are so beautiful, i wonder how much they cost? i mean each piece, would you know? they are balloons right?

Layrayski said...

Vogon poet- I would've liked to get closer so I can maybe take a better picture but the sun was just too hot. You know how it is with Filipino women and the sun. =)

Vic-- you're not far from the truth hehehe

Vlado&Toni- Sorry ang init kasi, I forgot to ask how much each balloon costs.

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