Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Today is the Feast of St. Joseph. Although I spent the day just staring at the computer monitor like a zombie- so I don't have something fresh- I still have a "festive" kind of picture to post today. This was taken at G-subd bar and disco, one of the newer hang outs here in Butuan.

After the alumni homecoming most of the groups/batches leaves for a new location for a more private party. We decided at the last minute to go here. They have a VIP (you can have a videoke party if you want), and disco and of course the drink all you want gimik that hooked us in. Unfortunately at that time we only have an hour before the promo ends. For 100 pesos you can drink all you want but only up to 12 midnight.


Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

Wow, this is some photo. Quite the technique. Well done! thanks for your comments on my site about painting with light and the night sky. The nightscape series is ending today but I will go out and try it again some night, maybe without the snakes next time.

Jacob said...

Julie said it: painting with light! Gives not only color but the excitement and energy of motion. Good job!

Joy said...

Psychedelic colours! How very interesting.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow for more of Norwich!

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supergirlhero said...

Asa ni dapit ang G-Subd, Ly?

Layrayski said...

Thank you guys for your comments! I'll be checking out your posts without the snakes Julie of Scottesdale =)

Sa Pizarro street dapit May. Infront sa Grace Christian.

Hilda said...

Ooh, cool shot! And it sounds like my kind of place — especially the drink all you can for P100! ;)

the donG said...

this i should visit when i go back to butuan. i miss the coffee shops there.

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