Tuesday, March 10, 2009



This dried fish is called many names: bulad, toyo, daing, dried stinky fish, (insert expletives by the uninitiated). Photo taken during my langihan market excusion.


Vogon Poet said...

Dried stinky fish, that's too funny. And you can add expletives too!
Very funny caption, nice photo and incredibly colorful bags.

one buddhess said...

One of my favorites, parisan ug sikwate. :)

Kayni said...

I really don't care for the stink part. It is a tasty Filipino delight.

Jacob said...

Fascinating. I'm guessing that they are called "stinky" for a reason. But people buy them anyway?

Kris said...

DO you like to eat it?

the donG said...

dried fish coming from mindanao are the tastiest. i believe.

Dustin said...

Try this recipe for a tasty drink:

"The Stinkbomb"
1 dried stinky fish, fried crispy
1 glass of beer

Drop fish in beer. Drink fishy beer. Eat soggy fish.


Layrayski said...

vogon poet- as always your comment made me smile (not that other comments don't-- oh you get the idea heheheh) =)

One buddhess-- Or champorado!

kayni-- The delight part made me smile =)

Jacob-- Yep!

Kris-- Haha you got me.

the dong-- mmm can't comment on that. Not a big eater of bulad. hehe

Dustin-- you... crazy!

laagan said...

hay gi gutom ko...when i go home this year. I am going to eat lots of bulad...home made...waaaaaa

Vlado&Toni said...

yummy.. i love dried fish!

Cebu Pictures said...

In Cebu we called it Buad and the best is dangit.

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