Thursday, February 12, 2009


With a nearly empty multicab (Route 4), I snapped this photo at Langihan area. The window of the vehicle made for a neat, if I say so myself, frame of the picture.


it's still raining.


Tammie said...

i think the window frame idea is neat too.

all around, i think this is a pretty neat photo. there's alot to look at, from the man right in front, to all the water and trees in the background.

Layrayski said...

one of my favorites from my latest romp with my camera, Tammie. Thanks! =)

max said...

hey!! i'm a new blogger and i visit the other blog, it's very interesting!! thank you for your job, i think in come back more in your's!! sorry for my bad ebglish!!!

Layrayski said...

Hi max! Thanks for dropping by my blog, glad you like it! I'm always happy when my readvrs let me know they were here and they like my posts =)

don't worry about the english. I get messed up with my english too!!! =)

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