Saturday, February 14, 2009



I was looking for a good valentine's day material for my post today. Earlier this day, I saw one woman carrying flowers, restaurants with valentine's day decoration, two lovers holding hands while the girl carried the flowers and balloons (and chocolates perhaps) and lastly I saw this guy with the dozens of heart shaped balloons walking in the street.

When I came back with the sole intention of getting valentine pics this was all I got. Shy guy.

Happy Valentine's day beautiful people!


uncleawang said...

Happy Valetine's Day to you..just hope they increase the price of florist this V day.

My Way said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tagpila ng lobo niya? :)

Ben said...

Happy belated Valentines Day.

Hilda said...

I hope you got something as sweet and cute for Valentine! :)

Layrayski said...

Happy valentine's day everyone! =)

Ben said...

My Valentines Day was yummy.

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