Sunday, February 15, 2009

A view


G. Flores Avenue


It's my birthday today. =)


Tammie said...

happy birthday you old fart!


J.C. said...

Happy birthday!

It's my first visit to your photo blog. And I really like this street scene photo that you posted!

asf said...

Oooppsss....Belated Birthday Greetings to you!

Very nice shot of the streets.

Vic said...

wow! so, it's your birthday! happy birthday! :)

Layrayski said...

Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by and wishing this old fart a happy birthday! Hahaahhaha

Vlado&Toni said...

hey belated happy birthday :) hope you had a wonderful celebration with your friends and family :)

those tricylces look so cute:)

Layrayski said...

hehe thanks vlado and toni =)

hadv said...

Hey Happy Birthday!! Better late than.. :D

Layrayski said...

thanks agnes =)

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