Sunday, February 8, 2009


This photo was taken last October during my photo excursion at Langihan Market (do you still remember?). I wouldn't have posted this photo because as you can see in the picture the middle guy's face got cut off but there was a bit of a story in this photo.

I was just finished taking photos of a group of street kids clamoring to have their photo taken when the guy with the head cut off saw me and the kids. He wanted me to take a photo of them also. I told them that I have been collecting images that I see around in Butuan for my blog. He said that its great idea because he wants their faces out in the Internet so that the president can see them.

I don't know exactly what he mean by that (probably see their hardship or something- it was so long ago) but since I promised, I feel I have to post his picture even with his face cut off just in case President Arroyo does manage to stumble upon this page in the future and be able to understand what the man said. =)


uncleawang said...

I guess he have the masssage to tell the world if not the President..
World Economy you know what I mean??.

Vlado&Toni said...

well at least they have such warm, friendly faces despite the hardships

Kris said...

So was this fellow a social worker or something?

Layrayski said...

Hello dear friends, my one guess is he wants to show the president that despite the hard times they can still smile.=)

Kris-- Mmm I don't think so.

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