Monday, October 20, 2008

Tambay... Again

Langihan Series #2

Mercury Drug, Langihan, Butuan City

The moment I stepped outside my cousin's car I felt something in the air. A kind of energy that that got me excited. Or maybe it was the energy I got from the people who saw me toting my giant Kodak camera. It was very positive and I loved it.

I was still undecided about asking these guys' photo when they took the decision from me by asking me to take THEIR photo.

This was the same place that we started when my cousin and I had our picture taking activity in Langihan last year. The woman selling the grilled banana, her stall was near where these guys were, even remembered me. We waved to each other in recognition. It was wonderful.


hadv said...

Very Filipino! (I meant the 'tambay' mentality. Probably in our side of the world, we call it, Starbucks :)

Kayni said...

i wish i could just do they look content and happy.

mirage2g said...

I used to have this weekly post about strangers who comes to you for a photo...I mean they ask you to take their photo but not a copy no?

I'll make those again hehe...

Layrayski said...

hehehe I haven't done tambay in a while. Coz when i have free time I usually spend it taking pictures or most often than not staring in front of the computer.

I wonder if other country does this no? Just relaxing, talking with friends and probably getting their wives to nag at them for slacking off hehehe j/k they do look like they're content, kayni, no? hehehe

Anonymous said...

Wala man tawo dire sa Los Ageles (Ca.) His first comment when we showed him around here in L.A. I guess he was talking about the "tambays" that we commonly see in the Philippines!
I am from Butuan City and a purong Butuanon. Your photos are great!

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