Thursday, September 11, 2008


Camera phone series #2

Photo taken along Zamora street.

Please bear with me with this series. I hope to be able to get fresh photos this afternoon.

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day!


kayni said...

I like this photo. Very creative on taking the pic on the mirror, which reminds me that there's a couple of digging and construction near my apartment these days. I think they're trying to finish projects before winter hits the city.

Hilda said...

This is actually a pretty cool image. Ooh, I love the tile samples to the left of your car there!

Layrayski said...

kayni-- thanks kayni =)I try to be creative because this camera phone takes washed out photos... what else can I do to make it more... attractive? =)

hilda-- thanks! We were at a tile shop when I took this photo. I still hadn't started this daily blog when I took this actually. =)

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