Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chicken lost in the City

Camera phone series #1

Hiya folks! As I've mentioned on my previous post I lost all my photos from my PC. I'm too busy (read:lazy) to get new Butuan related ones so I decided to post the photos I took with my Nokia 6280 in this new series.

Photo taken along the busy street of Burgos. Cock fighting is still being practiced in Butuan.

Noiseware community is the program I used to remove the noise from the photos. This cellphone model is not really known for its photo taking capability.


Tammie said...

great photo. cock fighting is illegal in most parts of the US ( i think)--but it is still done in some places anyway.

so nice to have you back---i missed you!!!

kayni said...

hey, there you are. great to read you're back =). oh, cock fighting is still done in hawaii. it is illegal, but they do it closed doors.

Layrayski said...

tammie-- I missed you too! I saw an episode oh House where they showed a brief cockfighting scene. Cockfighting is still legal here, I think. Cultural mumbo jumbo and such. =)

kayni--Hi! I'm finally back! =) cock fighting closed doors--conjures up smells of you know what =)

Kris said...

I really do like this photo, but am sad to hear that cockfighting still goes on. Personally, I don’t understand how people can get pleasure from seeing animals suffer.

Layrayski said...

kris-- yes. my thoughts exactly. =(

Hilda said...

She's back!!! Got your applications done? You will warn us if you get accepted and have to go, right?

Hate, hate cockfighting. But it's still better than dogfighting! Now that's illegal, but it still happens. =(

Layrayski said...

haha I'm back! =) Yes the application is done. Unfortunately I change my mind yet again... I don't know what the outcome will be. and sure, I'll tell you =)

Yeah, dog fighting is worse. I can't imagine the torture those dogs have to endure to get vicious like that. And the fight itself? *shudder*

Vlado&Toni said...

he sure does look like a tough one. be sure to bet on him ;) sabung is also big in baguio but i haven't been to one of those too, i think they are quite brutal. i saw a documentary once from the german television, showing the pinoy sabung.. bloody

Layrayski said...

yeS, this one looks tough. =) I saw sabung in television only too! Oh and the real one where cocks fight in the yard. But its different, I know.

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