Friday, July 4, 2008

Baroto Ride

I have been taking photos of tricycle drivers, trisikad, and for my post today we are going to see how baroto (boat) paddlers live as they ferry their passengers from one side of the Agusan river to another. I still haven't photograph my carabao (water buffalo) as I hoped. It's another Butuan ride that I hope to do in the future.

It's kinda peaceful riding the baroto. Slow and tranquil. I'm already imagining myself doing as what Meryl Streep did on the movie River Wild.


kayni said...

must be nice just sailing through with the peaceful river - how much is it to ride a boat there?

by the way, i found this website regarding the golden statue and how it found its way to chicago -

Harry Makertia said...

Amazing trip you had! You just reminded me to keep my promise to my family to have holiday!

Layrayski said...

It was peaceful. And would you believe its only 3 pesos per trip?

Ah yeah I came across that one too. But truthfully I still didn't understand the reason why its there.

'Mrs.Leonard Wood (whose husband was military-governor of the Moro Province in 1903-1906 and governor general in 1921-1927) raised funds for its purchase by the Chicago Museum of Natural History. It is now on display in that museum's Gold Room.'

I didn't get that.

Layrayski said...

Thanks harry! That trip was a productive one, in terms of photos taken, that is. Hehe.

I'm glad to be of service :)

Eki Qushay Akhwan said...

The word "karabao" is very very similar to Indonesian word "kerbau", the buffallo. Filipino and Indonesian share a lot of things in common. We're like brothers.

Layrayski said...

Really? Its great how much I learned at this daily photo gig. The similarities and differences. So exciting.

Btw, there are three variations of the carabao here. kalabaw- filipino/tagalo
kabaw or karabao- bisaya/cebuano

vlado&toni said...

wow 3 pesos for a trip? do they make money out of this? how many trips do they make in a day?

Layrayski said...

3 pesos per person per trip. I think it can seat up to five people. I actually haven't asked the baroto driver hehe but i imagine they go back and forth more than a dozen times. Depends on the passengers siguro.

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