Saturday, July 5, 2008

Baroto's Perspective

My friend and I are nearly done with our excursion of the day. This was the last item on my list of things to photograph. Butuan's Magsaysay bridge from the perspective of a tiny baroto on the river. Whew! What a trip! And I got one week worth of photos on my site. Hehe


magiceye said...

beautiful perspective..

Anonymous said...


your beautiful masterpieces...I adverstised them at a Butuan forum and a few of them at Skyscrapercity..

Can I ask a favor, do you know what are the establishments at that new building there at the former Narra Restaurant site and also to that new building there along M. Calo near the foot of the bridge?

Many thanks...

Layrayski said...

Magiceye-- Thank you!

anonymous-- Thanks for the pimpage hehe. The new stores at former narra restaurant? I can name one, M Lhuillier. I'll post some photos one of these days.

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