Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tipasi, Rice and all the Grains

Some people take their siesta every afternoon. Some watch their favorite Mexican, Korean or local tele-serye (TV soaps) . And yet some people spend their time lovingly picking out the 'tipasi' , and other unprocessed by products (or is it the other way around?) of rice grains.

Its a meditative exercise, I imagine.

"...Oops, a stone, oh another un-milled grain ('tipasi'). That's the thirtieth piece in this minute alone."

My nanay used to do 'tahop'. Its where she uses a flat, semi concave basket (?) weaving ('nigo'), to remove the stones, un-milled grains and other impurities. You should see her make the dirt fly. I used to be all so know it all (still is, sometimes, actually- according to a certain cousin) and get the nigo from her and try to do what she does only to make half of the grains fly. The-should-and-the-shouldn't-fly-grains floating in the air. It was beautiful... disaster. Hehehe. One of my early brushes of guilt, I should imagine.


Hilda said...

I used to love doing that when I was a kid! At kaya ko mag-tahop nu'n. Lagi kong kinukuha yung bilao mula sa katulong namin. Enjoy yung challenge. Sila, enjoy din dahil hind nila kailangang gawin! ;-D

Layrayski said...

Brings back memories, doesn't it? I was pleasantly surprised my Nanay still does that. I finally learned to do tahop too. I asked Nanay if she still has the nigo or bilao that we used before. Sayang. Too bad wala na. Thanks Mam Hilda. Glad to see fellow tahop doers relate to what I'm saying hihi

Anonymous said...

that will always remind me of my mother. she does it all the time.. thanx :-)

Layrayski said...

You're welcome delphidailyphoto

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