Monday, March 17, 2008

Unfinished Business Abomination

This is what my neighborhood looked like on the day of Manny Pacquiao VS. Marquez boxing rematch:


I can almost see the tumbleweed like in those old west movies, blowing in the street by its lonesome. The day was quiet. Too quiet, it was deafening.

I planned-- for a nano-second before I changed my mind-- to go to the busiest part of the city and get a picture as a sort of evidence on how Manny Pacquiao affects Butuan.

Of course I didn't dare leave my TV! How could I suggest that horrible idea to myself in the first place? Leave the boob-tube and miss the fight? Abomination!

Anyway, I stayed put. I snapped a few photos and went inside the house to wait for the fight to begin. And you know the rest is history.

Congrats Manny Pacquiao! I thought you lost the match but I'm glad you didn't. You cost me a few skipped heartbeats, and a couple gulps of oxygen but it was worth it because you won. :)

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