Saturday, March 1, 2008

Snapshots of Butuan-- For Butuanons Abroad

I have been taking photos of Butuan landmarks and stuff as my personal collection. Since I have all these of photos I thought that Butuanons, especially the ones abroad, might appreciate snaps of Butuan at present (late 2007-early 2008)


Under the New Bridge---Since Butuan's second bridge is probably too exposed by now I thought I'd post the below the new bridge action for a change.

Agusan High School road

Old Houses at Agusan High Area

House of Beef

A sample of Butuan's Popular Barbecue fast food at night

Balut Vendor at almost every street "islands"(?) in Montilla Boulevard.

Crossing of the Main streets (Montilla Blvd-J.C Aquino) or most commonly known as Otis or Crown


Overpass or walkway (or whatever these things are called) near TimberCity Academy or more popularly known as Chinese school


sandeee said...

makes us butuanons away from home... homesick

Layrayski said...

So happy you managed to come to my blog, San :)

unique_user said...

i miss butuan too..huhuhu..not the city per se,hahaha,someone in bxu..waaaaa....
nice blog ly..
butuan city's officials should make a statue for u to commend ur effort,i might tell them myself in case i had the chance hahahahaha....good job!

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