Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do you believe in the Supernatural?--Pictures of Butuan City Hospitals Spooky Happenings

Being an alumnus of Butuan Doctors' College, I have gone to Manila during our third year for our affiliation. This means that I have stayed at the dorm at Sampaloc. In other words, the horror house. Okay I'm being overly dramatic but some of the people who stayed there the first thing that come to their minds is the supernatural happenings that occurred during their stay there. Manila Affiliation equals Horror Adventure.

I saw miniature white lady myself.. It was anti-climactic because I just closed my eyes, covered my head with the blanket and slept not really believing that what I saw was real until... perhaps now. I posted a couple of pics that I got from a fellow BDCian who had hard evidence to support ghost stories.

Nursing students, nurses and hospital employees at Butuan Medical Center and Provincial Health Office feast your eyes on these photos:

That woman was almost exactly what I saw at Manila except, that white lady above is bigger. I only saw the upper part of the body because I was at the top bunk. These photos were allegedly taken at BMC (And PHO?), and those uniforms those students were wearing looked like Urios uniforms to me. Note the lack of lower limbs from the photos.

And you know what's bugging me right now? The thought that I didn't think it was nothing to wash the surgical instruments alone, and in dim light, during my chasing-the-OR -cases days!

And this last photo was taken, according to my source, at the Sampaloc, Manila Dormitory (BMC Dorm):

Photos generously provided by my anonymous source.

This is what you get when you keep taking your photos on your cellphone-- A free snap of a grinning girl with long sharp tongue at your back.

In these days of photo manipulation and special effects we can't help but doubt these pictures. I don't know about you but even while writing this post I still don't like to look at these photos. Too scary!

Owner of this pics who wish to be acknowledged please contact me by writing on the comment board. Thanks.


topsyturvy said...

omg!! that's rili scarrrrryyy!! i wish i didn't read ur entry... huhuhuh.. now, am a little scared.. ako lang isa dani ay. huhu..

BTW, i added u na sa akong link ay.hehe. enjoy blogging!! :)

Layrayski said...

Hehehe Thanks Cath! Sorry about the scare but I did warn you hehehe ay I said spooky lang diay dili scary. Anyway, the add the link means to add it manually no? I'm not really good with this blog thing here. Thanks for the visit! :)

Anonymous said...

no prob. hehe. i think u added me na oh. hehe. it sez "topsyturvy" hehe.

oh, one more thing. u might want to add a statcounter in ur page.. trust me, nindot au ug features u get to track those who visit yer page. heehehe. just go to STATCOUNTER.Com and register yerself there.

tas there's the live feedjit and the shoutbox. hehe.. tas basta.. tawa gani sa akong page.. :) very helpful au.

CATH here :)

Layrayski said...

If ikaw mag view sa imo blog mu- register ba? sige I'll get one hehehehe Thanks Cath!

Anonymous said...

uu ma register.. hehe.. but pede nimo gihapon ma turn off ang imong IP address na mag show up.. ah basta, tan awa ra. hehe

translation: ur using a firefox and operating system is win98 tas the number with the dots that;s ur IP address.. nd that referring link, that's where u found my link. hehehe. :)

SWEEEEt huh? heheheh!!

Layrayski said...

Yup hehe ako ra gi-invisible akong stat that's why wala nag show. Singapore ka ron? Sorry akong gi-edit imo comment. I hope you don't mind, medjo djahe sa public hhhe

topsyturvy said...

oh. hahaha. lagi i noticed.. haha.. y man dyahe? hehhee. and way man u hid ur statcounter.. it's not showing in yer page.. haha. y ? dghan au kog kwestions ay. haha.

Layrayski said...
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