Sunday, March 23, 2008

Trisikad Ride In the City

What is the one thing that you want to do before you die that you still haven't done yet? If one of these dreams is to ride a trisikad then don't fret because you're going to ride the man-powered tricycle with me through these photos. The first thing that we're going to do is:

Hail a ride.


Feel the plastic covered seat with your bum.

J.C Aquino Ave and Ochoa Avenue Intersection

Imagine fresh air blowing in your face.

Take a deep breath.

Praise the heavens your driver doesn't have bad odor.

Remember to tip him after because of that.

Wait every twenty seconds for your camera to finish processing.

Take another picture.

And another.

Laugh that you managed to catch a photo without shaking the camera too much.

You arrive at your destination.


Ask the trisikad driver if its okay to take a photo of him.

Watch him sputter in fear---he didn't give you your change--- he is afraid you're in the media and will plaster his face in the news as an example of...whatever.



Take his photo.

You have now ridden your first trisikad ride.


This was taken on a Holy week so there was less traffic and pollution. And I am usually too shy to go around the city brandishing a camera. So it was perfect.


unique_user said...

i cant see any pictures in this entry ly,i was hoping gwapo ang sikad driver hahahahaha...

PS.u might wonder who's ds unique ur avid fan hehehehe..guess who,lol

Layrayski said...

MMmmm mau ba? nge kinsa kaha heheh I don't want to hazard a guess kay basi masayop hehehehe

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