Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sweet Moments at Butuan's Own Lover's Lanes

Being a confirmed spinster that I am, I usually say poh- poh to public displays of affection. Romance in my periphery tends to stay that way, in my periphery. Of course there are exceptions. If the two lovebirds are people I know who shouldn't be groping each other... then the amusement factor for the said illicit activity goes up.

But, interestingly enough, during my usual romp around the city I managed to catch two mooning lovers. Maybe it goes to show that my romantic heart hasn't withered and died yet. There's hope yet for me.

The photo below was taken at Butuan City museum. The place might be falling over the place from lack of maintenance-- overgrown shrubs, untrimmed flora ---but the amorous ambience couldn't be denied. Oh shucks! They are so sweet!

I wonder if they are just sitting together, not talking, just staring up ahead... what else are they doing?!

The next picture are of two women/girls who may or may not be lovers but the tenderness the white shirted girl has for the other is obvious to everyone.

On second thought, maybe the girl just couldn't help touching the other girl's hair--- at the very least--- and the worst case scenario? Oh you know about it already, Butuanon. Hehehehe. But, whatever the case may be it's still super sweet no? And all of that in Butuan!

Maybe we should name Butuan a city of romance. *wink* *wink* *snicker*

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