Thursday, March 20, 2008

3 B's--The Battle Of the Breads Blog

I had something unusual happen to me today. Papa and I, without planning to, managed to buy two similar things at more or less the same time. Papa bought one sliced bread and a banana loaf at Park and Go, and I bought one sliced bread and two banana cakes (of equal value to papa's one banana loaf) at Rose Bakeshop.

What are the odds in that? Papa and I usually don't share the same taste in breads so it tickled me pink about the coincidence.

I just came from taking a walk in the city where I took some photos for future blogs. Because what happened with the breads amused me, I'm making this blog about Butuan's Breads instead.

The Battle of the breads shall now commence!

Which banana cake is better, Rose Bakeshop or Park and Go? The sliced bread is no brainer for us-- we like Park and Go's best. I had unfortunate encounter with an annoying sales clerk there once but despite that I had to go back for more. For a worthless white bread, Park and Go sure is tasty.

Although Park and Go wins in terms of white sliced bread taste department, Rose bake shop's sliced bread still isn't anything to be sneezed at. In fact, as I said, I bought mine there.

For the banana cake--see above-- the two tiny cupcake-like banana cakes came from Rose which papa and mama both preferred over Park and Go's pale version. In our family we prefer well-done looking food. I liked them both equally myself. Banana cake is banana cake.

As for the service, I haven't in my recollection, had a nasty experience with any Rose Bakeshop employee before. Even though bakery is usually packed with people, quality service still shines though. That's rare, I'm sorry to say, here in Butuan. Whereas Park and Go, that one time with the sales clerk stuck to my memory like a bulldog to an intruder's ass.

Total Tally:

Park and Go- 1
Rose Bakeshop- 2

Its unexpected win for the Rose bakeshop, even for me.

Have a nice Just-finished-baking-the-bread-smelling day! :)


sandeee said...

uhmmm lamia oi! i guess they all won...

Layrayski said...

Oo ang tie breaker lang kay ang service. Mag blog ra ko mga old Butuan bakeries one of these days. :) Mga franchise ra man diay ni sila.

Layrayski said...

I meant "original" Butuanon Bakeries.

Anonymous said...

Oops... I really mean originally from Butuan. Anyway...

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