Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jeepney’s Torotot-- Random Photos #1

Watching the photos posted at another site inspired me enough to overcome my shyness in posting my pictures. It's not that their photos are so horrible compared to mine that I am confident mine would be better.

On the contrary I have finally accepted that it'll take a lot of time, practice and better equipments to make me a good photographer. So for the meantime I hoped to take interesting (I hope) photos to compensate with these deficiencies.

Lately, I found myself bored with my trees, branches and other nature pictures.

It's probably because my cousin gets all giddy whenever she sees these things.

"Ate Ly! Take that photo!" Bossy little brat that she is. (Says me, with a lot of affection).

Or because I find it extremely difficult to get good pictures of nature (without me in it ).

Right now, in order to serve up a slightly different take on the Philippines I browsed through my files and came up with these:

The girl pressing her forehead against the grandmotherly figure is doing what we call being "blessed" or kissing the hands of the elderly. It is how we pay our respect.

I was inside the calesa when I took this picture. You can see those metallic vehicles parked at the side of the streets. They're called jeepneys. It's one of the Philippine's major means of public transportation.

Have you seen "The Dukes of Hazzard" where Seann William Scott's character, Bo, kept on blowing General Lee's annoying musical horns? That annoying little noise maker was originally a part of a jeepney. That is until laws were put into action prohibiting its use in public. Too bad. No more pesky heckling, mooing and whatever sounds Filipino horn makers could come up with, in traffic.

And this last photo was something that I have always tried to capture until now. You know how my camera is.

Those huge things at both sides of the motorcycles are probably stocks of merchandise that that guy was transporting from one place another.

That is all for today.

It's sunny outside.

Time for me to go out and play.

Take care!

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