Thursday, June 28, 2007

What if I'm As Shiny as A Bald Man?

I visited my first barbershop last week. It was a surprisingly enlightening experience for me. I was with my uncle for a day, sort of baby sitting him. He said he needed a hair cut so off to the barbershop we went. As my uncle went to his chair and had his hair cut I sat down on the lounge chair hoping that I won't get too bored. I could have gone shopping since the barbershop is inside the mall but I didn't. I guess it was one of those days where I felt I had to be in one place and suffer. I was bored for a time, until a cute older man came in.

I could see why he needs his hair cut. His hair isn't long per se but his hair is slightly long, in the sense that his semi bald look is starting to show why he has to have his hair cut again.

Since my mind tends to wander when I'm sitting still it didn't take long when it did. But it wasn't a bored.kind of mind wandering. I was sitting transfixed as the barber, a man in his early twenties and of average looks, ran the electric shaver up and down the cute older man's head. The motion calmed me down, almost to the point of sleep. After the barber finished with the hair, he lowered down the chair and began massaging the man's head, shoulders and arms. (I wondered why parlor shops don't offer that kind of service.)

I found the picture of the two guys, one leaning closely to the sitting man, unexpectedly erotic. Which was kinda weird. (Try visiting your nearby barbershop and see if you'll have the same perception that I had.)

What's even weirder was that in one moment I was sitting on my chair staring mesmerized, the next moment I felt myself transporting, and turning into the bald man.

I felt myself with my short hair being kneaded and rubbed: on my forehead, on the top of my head, my shoulders. It only happened for a moment, but it was incredibly strange.

It left me wondering what it would feel like having a very very short hair for real. How do you think it would it feel to have someone massaging my bald head? I imagine it'd be quite a trip.

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