Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Filipina in Red, Blue and Yellow

During a photography workshop ran by Imagine Nation last May (I think) I was able to join them unofficially (Thank you guys!). One of the models was this woman. This particular photo reminds me for some reason of Gabriela Silang, one of my country's heroine. It was said that she is the equivalent of Joan of Arc because she was a Philippine female general who lead the Filipino people against the Spaniards in the 18th century (sci and tech). The colors of blue, red and yellow helped make it more nationalistic in theme.

The background of this picture although you can't see it clearly is the replica of an ancient boat found in Butuan. A balanghai replica now moored at Bading.


the curious globe trotter said...

Kaila nimo ang model lai? I did not know that Image Nation came to Butuan na diay for a workshop :-) Nice, at least people can appreciate photography more.

Anonymous said...

Wala ko kaila mai :D hehe nag take ra ko photos sa ako barkada. prenupt nila na pics tapos naa man pod two other sets of models so nag apil apil ko. gitugtan pod ko nila hehehe

Anonymous said...

nah mai, mga people are are very into photography. grabe jud. :D taga butuan ang bana sa taga imagine nation thats why naa sila diri. balik na pod gani sa august.

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