Monday, May 10, 2010

Philippine Election


Amidst the rains, long queues, the first Philippine automated election has finally ended at seven o'clock this evening. Now we wait for the results of this exercise of our democratic right.

There were 10 presidential candidates vying for the top job in the Philippines and I'm hoping that the most qualified, with the most love and dedication for our country will win the election. This goes too with the other candidates running for the other government positions in national and local levels.


arabesque said...

hi lay!
not too bad. ^0^
i was watching the news, i hope the election went well, despite the rain and over crowded peeps. ^-^

Kayni said...

i kept checking the news here. i'm nervous and excited on the outcome of this election.

Anonymous said...


Greg Chua said...

I am agreeing what you said Kayni It feels nervous because of the rain came during this election. The month of May is also rainy day that’s why we must aware of it. Thank you.

Philippine Election

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