Friday, November 6, 2009

Stepping over Fire


You might wonder what these people are looking at/doing. This photo was taken last November 2. All Soul's day. Location: City cemetery. These people are stepping over a fire- a belief that this practice would mean that the soul's of the people they're visiting, or are present will not follow them to their homes. Superstitions, interesting aren't they.

Photo of people, as requested by Hilda of Manila.


Kayni said...

i haven't heard of this belief. this is the first time. yes, it's very interesting.

Leif Hagen said...

I find it interesting to see how others around the world celebrated "All Saints Day." A handbell was rung in our church for every church member who died in the past year.

Sarggy said...

hahha. thanks for this post. brings back good ol' memories when mom used to tag me along to visit grannies' graves in surigao =)

Hilda said...

Now that's an interesting pamahiin — never heard of it before. I just know the funeral and wake superstitions. Didn't know there was any about visiting cemeteries.

Thanks, Ly! I just couldn't imagine a cemetery not chock-full of people on All Saints' and All Souls' Days! ;)

Adher said...

they call this 'palina'...yeah, its really interesting..especially that kids here in Cebu make some money out of it, piso piso kada palina..heheh

witsandnuts said...

This is the first time I heard of this belief. I'll ask if this holds true in Laguna.

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