Monday, November 2, 2009

All Soul's Day


Today is All Soul's day. Yesterday, November 1, and today are important dates in the lives Butuanon and probably all of the Filipinos in the whole Philippine archipelago. These are the days where most of the people go back to the town and cities they came from to light candles, and pray for the souls of departed loved ones. It is also the time for a family gatherings and of picnics at the cemetery. As weird as it sounds, it's really not, in practice.

This photo was taken from our family burial spot in the city cemetery. We don't have trick or treats, but we still enjoy the jack-o-lanterns.


BeachILike said...

Cute trash! or just a normal bin?

My Bangkok Through My Eyes!
You Got A Posty

witsandnuts said...

The pumpkin-like bin is a good idea. =)

Hilda said...

Nice way to carry all the candles. ;)

Where are all the people??

grooVemonzter said...

Hi Layrayski, That Jack-O-Lantern looks like it has mischief on its mind :-)

Hey, I spent two months in the Philippines. I traveled around Luzon. It was so much fun. The west coast of Luzon is beautiful. The beaches and farmland are breath taking. But my favorite was Baguio City. That place is beautiful. Like a city deep in the Andes mountains but it's in the Philippines. I want to move there.

During my trip I took hundreds of pictures and I had everything stored on a data chip in my phone. Then I went to an internet cafe in Manila to email some pictures and a computer virus destroyed the chip.


Nice hearing from you :-)


Layrayski said...

Hey, cole! I didn't know you had plans to visit here. maybe you can come visit mindanao next time =)

haven't been to baguio so I can't comment. But yes, that's what i hear too!

So you're considering baguio instead of leyte?

nice hearing from you too!

AB said...

Great idea for a photo, very well composed.

Benikos place said...

Great idea !!!very nice photo :))

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