Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Waiting... Shed


J. Rosales Avenue. It's the street leading to city hall.


janet said...

i'm trying to remember which part of j rosales this one is... so much have changed since i left (worked in DPWH RO until 1998). thanks for posting this though. feeling a bit nostalgic now.

Hilda said...

Is that supposed to be a bench or a table?? I imagine a lot of people would have a tough time trying to sit there. ;)

arabesque said...

hehe, manong with a tummy looks very relax in his seat though. ^-^

Layrayski said...

Hi Janet- I think this is near the library. I'll post the library tomorrow. Its gonna be a J Rosales week this week.

Hilda-- hallo, why did you say that?

arabesque-- yeah manong is just chillin', relaxing while texting =)

Vogon Poet said...

Funny bench, if it is really a sort of bench...

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