Thursday, October 15, 2009



This photo was taken during the same walk-and-shoot my cousin I had one Sunday. This is the spire of a church. A distinctive trademark of their church's architecture. According to wikipedia, the spires are described as either gothic or oriental. I'm tempted to leave this as a guessing game to all Filipino readers that I have-- its that distinctive but I changed my mind.

This is a photo of a spire of Iglesia ni Cristo- The largest indigenous christian organization originating here in the Philippines. I will write some more about Iglesia ni Cristo when I post a more clearer image of their building tomorrow.


Benikos place said...

Wonderfull shot :))

Hilda said...

I actually like the fact that their churches look the same everywhere, whether big or small. Must be comforting to their congregation.

Layrayski said...

Benikos--Thank you very much.

Hilda- me too!

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