Thursday, August 13, 2009




Kris said...

This is a great photo. Beautifully composed.

Layrayski said...

Thanks Kris =)

uncleawang said...

Cool,street/candid shot.Prefect:)
Have a nice day.

Vogon Poet said...

This is really a nice image!

the donG said...

nice nice shot! funny thing is when i was traveling to cubao, i also saw a similar scene, problem was, my camera was not with me.

Hilda said...

Heehee! Charming capture, Ly! Don't you just wish Davies continued painting the entire wall as a service to the community? ;)

Layrayski said...

Hi y'all! I almost got left behind by my ride when I took this picture. =) Its just one of those days when everything fell into place. There wasn't even cropping for this one. I'm glad you like this too. Thank you.

Tammie said...

i love this.
is that a school uniform the girl is wearing?

(am i asking too many questions these days?)


btw: my word verification is "dokeyspi"

i dont just made me snicker.

Layrayski said...

Hi Tammie! Yes that's Agusan National High School Uniform or probabaly west central. Its a father and daughter photo (probably)-- isn't it cute? hehe

your word verification is hysterical, its making me giggle. Hehehe thanks. Its always great to wake up to something funny.

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