Thursday, June 11, 2009

Papaya Strips


How do you take your papaya? Do you eat it ripe, sliced in wedges? Or sliced in cubes then added with milk and ice (That's what I do sometimes).

Papaya is sold on the streets semi-ripe, sliced into strips, and usually served up with rock salt and vinegar. Lami!


Anonymous said...

√ Howdy ! from the cornfields of Brookville, Ohio

Thunderstorms rolled over my house this morning at 4:00 AM and thunder and lightening woke me up. By the time I was up and drinking my first coffee, the rain was hitting my skylight pretty hard. It sounded like some kind of war going on. The noise is great.

Your photo is nice but I thought those were French fries. LOL It does look like them.

Abe Lincoln
Brookville, Ohio

Jazzy said...

ooo look so tasty, i'd like some like this ;).
lovely colours!

Kayni said...

salt and vinegar for me please...the thought of it makes my mouth water.

Vogon Poet said...

They really looks like French fries!

Eki Qushay Akhwan said...

I like it served in cubes, but it is usually served in sliced in wedges ... bigger in size that those in your photo, though.

Papaya is my favorite fruit, btw.

Jacob said...

I thought they were french fries...oh well, I'd guess these are better for you and probably tastier!

witsandnuts said...

I didn't know this is being sold/served that way. With vinegar and salt, hmmm, masubukan nga. =)

Hilda said...

Hello, ginawang green mango ang papaya! I'll skip the vinegar and rock salt, thank you, though I'm willing to eat the papaya semi-ripe. Should be nice and crunchy!

Obvious bang ngayon lang ulit ako nakapagbasa ng blog mo? Sa linggo na yung malaking event ng Ateneo mula Intramuros hanggang Loyola Heights! I keep telling myself, just a few more days and I can REST!

Vlado&Toni said...

hmmm i have never eaten papaya like this.. what we have in baguio is mangoes, guavas and singkamas..

That is the chicken said...

These look luscious...and I love the colours in your shot!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Well i add ice cream ,milk and sugar in the papaya and grind it for 2 mts and my shake is ready.after that i put some chocolates , Cashews And enjoy it..Great post...Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

the donG said...

i didnt see one here in manila. i miss papaya strips. i think it's also perfect for shakes.

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