Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Healing Hands


This afternoon my ninang (godmother) called the house to tell us that there's a healing mass celebrated by a priest, Fr. Fernando Suarez. She mentioned how this priest is really gifted and how he helped a lot of people already. When I googled Fr. Suarez these are some of the sites that I found= Fr. Suarez, wikipedia.

There's a new telenovela (soaps) in primetime tv (abs-cbn) that's getting positive feedback from the people that surrounds me (I don't watch the soaps). It's about a boy who can heal. When I heard about Fr. Suarez I feel like TV is imitating life.

The day is as scorching hot as yesterday, I hope that people weren't too uncomfortable waiting out in the street.

Location= JC Aquino Avenue, Urios Gym.


Kayni said...

I do remember events like this when I was young, but I was never a fan because of the crowd and sometimes the heat.

Jacob said...

Interesting photo. Sounds like you have some of the same kinds of "healers" we have in the States. Maybe if the crowd gets too hot, he can cool them down.

asf said...

I've been to one of his healing masses. But unfortunately, didn't get through the gates of the church, lotsa people eh... :)

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