Sunday, December 14, 2008



San Francisco-- Lopez Jaena Street


JM said...

Very nice street life shot, it really shows the atmosphere of the place.

uncleawang said...

Like JM say's..nice street life shot.I love shot of street scene.I view all your post, it was great and I like it very much.
Thanks for visiting my weekend snap shot.

turtle said...

i love this shot. it's so...corner talaga.

and the man on the motorcycle...he completes the scene.

Life in the Philippines said...

You are an amazing photographer. Thanks for visiting my blog, i wish i could be as talented as you. btw i also agree that it's wonderful that pacquiao won:) and re the barangay level resolution of disputes, it is nice to hear how you felt tearful because it was solved without the lengthy time a court case would take. i remember the late cecilia munoz palma told me how she worked with a fellow justice who took the lead in initiating this method of settling disputes. i just can't remember who the guy's name was, ha ha ha!

you have a wonderful point of view in the way that you look at things:)

Kayni said...

that looks like a very busy store. i guess the owner chose the right corner =).

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh, I have been to Butuan a few times. I don't know how it looks now. How was your weekend, Layraski?

Kris said...

SO are they just hanging out?

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...Butuan City downtown streets are clean I must say. Though that corner mini store seems buzzing with's still keeping its frontage clean

I wish the photo though to be in in dramatize further that "Life" in the corner street...

Monochromes or en sepia style doesn't show much that life..

Layrayski said...

Jm-- Thank you!

UncleWang-- Thank you and you're welcome!

turtle-- if not for the man on the motorcycle I wouldn't have posted this. =)

Life In the Philippines-- You are so kind. Thank you very much for your comment. I really hoped for a happy ending regarding my friend's problem.

kayni-- judging from the number of students buying from them, yes they did.

Grace-- My weekend is as uneventful as always, which means its great. =) How was yours?

Kris-- seems that way, kris.

Anonymous-- I was aiming at taking street photography that implies the use of b&W (although not always). I changed the colored photo with this because I didn't want the clash of colors to distract from the people in the photo. Thanks for dropping by.

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