Monday, December 15, 2008



Peanut and Buco Juice.


uncleawang said...

This is something new to me must be full of nutrition.We have soya bean soy & its popular here.
Thanks for sharing & have a nice day.

Hilda said...

Mmmmm! I can almost smell them from here! I love freshly fried peanuts — with lots and lots of garlic! :D

turtle said...

i like the point of view: seller's side.

i love peanuts, with or without skin, with or without garlic.

i also like the inclusion of the small paper containers in the photo. because yon talaga ang ka-pair nya kahit saan sa Pilipinas.

Kayni said...

this is one of the snacks i used to sneak into the movie i love it with lots of garlic too.

the donG said...

sarap nga tumambay sa mga ganyan. hehehe...

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