Thursday, December 11, 2008



The "husay" was in still in session when I spied these kids playing at the bottom of the stairs. They are playing a game called "dampa" (that I know of as "hapak"). They roll a couple of rubberbands together and they take turns in trying to loosen a couple and send the rubber bands down a step. I think that there's a rule about odd and even number of rubber band with this game. The point is they were having a lot of fun playing with a bunch of rubber bands. And they need to wash their hands as they are using both hands to slap the pavement with this game.

Do you remember playing dampa when you're still a kid?


Eki Akhwan said...

That's an interesting game and photo, Layrayski. It sounds familar, but I don't know if it's the same game I played when I was a child ... Not many children here play that anymore though. Not that I know of.

Thanks for sharing.

hadv said...

In Leyte, we call that game "latik-latik" (latik in Waray: the act of flicking with two fingers). The goal was to separate the rubber bands.. You win the rubber band that you separate from the bunch. You win the game if you separate them all. I never loved this game.. it was too tedious, like pick-up-sticks. :D

Photo Cache said...

I never knew this game. But this is a lovely capture.

the donG said...

yes. this photo reminds me of my childhood days. that's when we usually go out of the house still wearing our pajamas and already starts playing.

beautifully captured. one of the best photos here.

Vic said...

nakoh.. uso to ngayon sa mga estudyante ko. hehe..
anyway, i got you a smile stone award.. :)

Anonymous said...

i love this game...wonderful capture...reminds me of my hometown.

turtle said...

i like the snake-like braid of rubber bands.

i imagine these children playing and playing till their parents call them.

i think i played that when i was young but cant remember if i like it. i like jackstone more.

Layrayski said...

Eki-- I used to play this in elementary school. I used to be good at this. =)

hadv-- I think this is a different game. In dampa you use both hands to form something that can "blow" the rubberbands when your hands hit the floor.

Photo cashe-- Thank you! =)

the dong-- ah you played this game before? were you good at this? hehehe

anonymous-- thanks! I used to like this also. I was good at this game. Oh actually the dampa that I knew is slightly different from this.

turtle-- this is the reason I took a closer photo of the kids-- the long rubberband chain. =)

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